Volunteer Spotlight: Eric Dennis & Adopt-a-Tree

“One of my favorite things about living in Smyrna,” says longtime KSB volunteer Eric Dennis, “is being so close to nature and connected to our large urban forest.”

Eric has a passion for environmental stewardship that inspires him to take action to protect the natural areas close to home. “I believe everyone in our community has a part to play in protecting and maintaining the largest urban forest in the USA,” he says. In fact, the National Forest Service has deemed Atlanta the most heavily forested urban area in the country.

To play his part, Eric serves as the lead volunteer for KSB’s Adopt-a-Tree program. Adopt-a-Tree rescues trees from land slated for development and matches them with residents. Nearly all the trees rescued are native, and many aren’t available for purchase at local nurseries. In 2022, KSB gave away more than 400 free trees. In 2023, KSB is on track to meet or increase that number.

“As our community continues to grow and thrive, it is important that we protect, maintain, and integrate nature and surrounding biodiversity as much as possible,” says Eric. “We set up the Adopt-a-Tree program to provide a simple and meaningful way to do this.”

Eric and his wife moved to Smyrna from Indiana in 2007. He currently works at The Nature Conservancy but has roots in the recycling and solar energy sectors. When he’s not digging up trees or working to protect the environment, you may find him at the ballpark cheering on his two sons who are active in the sport.

Part of Eric Dennis's tree nursery at home.
Eric Dennis cares for hundreds of trees in his home, preparing them to be adopted!

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