Sensory Garden

The Sensory Garden features plants and elements that appeal to all the senses. From the calming water installation and the fragrant rosemary bush to the soft lamb’s ear, visitors are invited to share in the delight of this lovely and interactive garden.

Originally dedicated in 2000, the Sensory Garden had a complete redesign and restoration in 2018. Special thanks to the Jonquil Garden Club and Smyrna Parks and Recreation who made the restoration possible.

Location and Hours

The Sensory Garden is located at the Smyrna Community Center at 200 Village Green Circle SE, Smyrna, GA 30080. It is located on a patio outside the game room, which is the first door to the left when entering through the front. The sensory garden is available to view during the community center’s open hours. If the doors are locked, ask a staff member at the front desk to open the doors.

Program Partner:

Special thanks to the Jonquil Garden Club that maintains the garden space through monthly workdays.

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