What is allowed in my curbside recycling bin?
In the City of Smyrna, there are very specific items allowed in your curbside bin. You can see a detailed list by clicking here to view it..
Why isn’t glass accepted in my curbside bin?
The City of Smyrna curbside recycling is a single-stream recycling program where all items are put together in one bin. Glass is easily broken in the curbside recycling process and small glass pieces contaminate the other recyclables. In order to prevent any recyclables from being contaminated and diverted to the landfill, it is more effective to eliminate glass from single stream programs.
Does the Smyrna Recycling Center accept glass?
Yes! Food-grade jars and bottles are accepted for recycling at the center.
What types of glass can I recycle?
At the Smyrna Recycling Center, only food grade jars and bottles are accepted. Unfortunately, drinkware, vases, cookware, ashtrays, windows, mirrors, candles, etc. are not accepted.

This is because while glass may look the same and have the same basic elements, there are different types of glass with different chemical additives depending on their intended purpose. Different types of glass have different melting points and that impacts their ability to be recycled together or at all. In order to recycle the glass we collect, it needs to be the correct kind (food grade only) and sorted properly.
What items do you accept at the Smyrna Recycling Center?
We’ve put together a full list of acceptable items- click here to view it.
Is it really necessary to rinse my recyclables?
Yes! Food is a big contaminant in recyclables and in order to have success in the recycling process, please rinse food out from your recyclables before putting them in your bin or bringing them to the center. Paper products that were in contact with food should be thrown away.
Can I recycle plastic bags?
You can, but only in very specific places like in designated bins at the grocery store and through the Hefty EnergyBag Program. You should never put plastic bags directly into your curbside bin.
What are the benefits to recycling?
The benefits to recycling are huge! By recycling, you are reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, conserving natural resources, saving energy, and you are doing something great for our local GA economy
Do you pay for recyclables?
No, we do not pay for any recyclable donations to the Recycling Center.
Where can I take paint or styrofoam?
Paint will be accepted at the Smyrna Recycling Center starting 8/2/22 and Styrofoam is accepted through the Hefty EnergyBag Program.
Do you pick up TVs/appliances?
Unfortunately, we are unable to pick up any of the recyclable donations. Patrons are responsible for bringing all items to the center.
Do you shred documents?
We do not shred documents at the Recycling Center. Keep Smyrna Beautiful hosts two events annually for secure document shredding.
Do you recycle large plastic items (furniture, storage containers, etc.)?
We do not recycle those items. Please try CHaRM in Atlanta or West Rock Recycling.

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