The City of Smyrna Recycling Education Center is operated by Keep Smyrna Beautiful. The center serves as a drop-off station for those who don’t have curbside pick-up or have items that are not accepted by their curbside pick-up.

Current Operating Hours

  • Sunday- Closed
  • Monday-Closed
  • Tuesday-Closed
  • Wednesday-Closed
  • Thursday-By Appointment Only
  • Friday-By Appointment Only
  • Saturday- By Appointment Only

After temporarily closing to the public as a public health measure during the social distancing phase of the COVID-19 National Public Health Emergency Response, the Smyrna Recycling Center is open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 9:00AM to 3:00PM.

Drop off is by appointment only.

No one will be allowed to drop off recyclable material without an appointment. We will be limiting the number of cars allowed in each hour and each customer may have only one appointment per day.

The flow of traffic will be changed to observe our increased safety measures. We appreciate your patience and cooperation!

Safety Protocols

  • Only one person per car.
  • Customers must wear masks and gloves per City of Smyrna guidelines.
  • Please have all materials sorted prior to coming to the center to allow the fastest in and out. This includes having the plastic sorted by number and glass sorted by color.
  • Unsorted materials will be returned.
  • Self-service only. Staff will not be able to assist unloading cars.
  • Staff will wear masks and gloves and maintain social distancing.

Materials Currently Accepted

The recycling center only be accepting select materials for recycling at this time. Please review the list prior to bringing your recyclables.

Items To Be Accepted:

  • Plastics #1 and #2 (sort by number prior to arrival)
  • Aluminum cans
  • Small metal items
  • Glass bottles and jars (sort by color: clear, green, and amber prior to arrival)
  • Cardboard (have all cardboard broken down prior to arrival)
  • Mixed paper/office paper
  • Books
  • Wearable clothing

Items Not Accepted At This Time:

For Additional Information and Questions: Contact the Recycling Center at (770)431-2869. Please note that recycling center staff is working reduced hours and are processing phone calls and messages as quickly as possible. 

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