Smyrna Recycling Center

The City of Smyrna Recycling Education Center is managed by the City of Smyrna and supported by Keep Smyrna Beautiful. The center serves as a drop-off station for those who don’t have curbside pick-up or have items that are not accepted by their curbside pick-up.

Click here for our handout: A Guide to Recycling in Smyrna.

Recycling Guidelines at the Recycling Center

  • Please bring only the items listed on our acceptable item list
  • Do not bring any items listed on unacceptable item list 
  • Rinse out cans, bottles, and jars
  • Flatten all cardboard
  • Only recycle paper products that are free from food contamination
  • Take the tops off plastic containers and glass jars
  • Put recyclables in the correct bin
  • Aerosol cans must be completely empty
  • Plastic bags, foam products, plastics #4-#7 and other eligible hard-to-recycle plastics are only accepted through the Hefty® EnergyBag® program. Bags must be purchased in order to participate in this program. You can purchase bags at local Kroger and Target stores as well as online directly from Hefty.

Operating Hours

  • Closed Sunday and Monday
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday- 8:00am-4:00pm
  • Thursday-10:00am-6:00pm
  • 2022 Center Closures

For Additional Information and Questions: (770) 431-2869

City of Smyrna Curbside Recycling

While Keep Smyrna Beautiful is a strong advocate of recycling and dedicated to the effort of educating the public about the curbside recycling program in Smyrna, it is not run or managed by Keep Smyrna Beautiful. The City of Smyrna Curbside Recycling Program for Smyrna residents is provided by the City of Smyrna Public Works Department, Sanitation Division.

Smyrna Public Works Contact Information: (770) 431-2850 or click here to complete recycling bin request, pickup schedule and acceptable recycling bin items.

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