Keep Smyrna Beautiful Gets a New Look!

Keep Smyrna Beautiful has updated its mission and logo to reflect, more clearly, the work of the organization and the values of Smyrna residents.

The well-loved KSB recycling symbol logo has been a Smyrna institution for almost 30 years. However, a recent survey of constituents revealed that many believed that recycling was KSB’s only area of interest.

“The new branding strives to capture the mission of KSB,” says Phyllis Owens, who recently took over as Board Chair. “Our mission is inclusive of recycling, but more expansive.”

Given the wide range of KSB’s four focus areas—to end littering, reduce waste, promote recycling, and beautify Smyrna—the board began a multistep process of updating both the mission and the visual look of the organization.

Old KSB logo and mission: To bring together the resources of government, business, and residents of the City of Smyrna to protect and improve the quality of life and the environment in our community.

New KSB logo and mission: To inspire our community to be clean, green, and beautiful.

New Vision: To encourage every person in our community to be responsible stewards of the environment.

 The new logo and color palette’s greens and blues evoke the natural world, while the yellow jonquils provide a throughline, celebrating Smyrna’s long-held identity as the Jonquil City. The recycling symbol has been replaced with rolling green hills and a blue sky, reminding viewers of the environment that Smyrna residents work so hard to protect.

Keep Smyrna Beautiful’s new logo was designed by KSB volunteer and city employee Enoch Serna, who worked with the board to ensure the new look reflects the goals and values of the organization.

Says Owens, “Our hope is that a brighter, more modern look will build strong awareness within our community so that we have the support we need to keep Smyrna clean, green, and beautiful.”

Published 1.12.2023

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