A More Sustainable Holiday

Happy holidays, Smyrna residents! December is upon us, and Keep Smyrna Beautiful would like to share ways you can remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle as we exchange gifts this holiday season.


Holiday dinners are a great time for families to come together and celebrate annual traditions. One way to reduce the waste these traditions may bring about is by sourcing food from a local farmers’ market. Buying loose vegetables can reduce waste by eliminating vegetable packaging plastics. Buying locally also reduces the amount of fuel and energy needed to get your produce from the farm to your table.

Another way to reduce waste this holiday season is to use reusable plates and silverware. While this results in more time washing dishes in the kitchen, it reduces plastic waste and keeps our community clean, green, and beautiful!


Have you ever heard of a “Buy Nothing Group”? Buy nothing groups are community-organized platforms where individuals can post items they would like to receive or give away. This is a perfect opportunity to reuse gifts this holiday season. Search on Facebook “Buy Nothing Group” and join your local chapter, or you can download the “BuyNothing” app. Read more details here https://buynothingproject.org

Instead of buying new gift bags, reuse last year’s gift bags! This is another way to be eco-conscious this holiday season. Both of these environmentally friendly methods of gifting also save money!


Be sure to take full advantage of the Smyrna Recycling Center this holiday season. Common items to recycle during this time include cardboard or paper gift boxes/bags, holiday cards, and wrapping paper. Electronics, including Christmas lights, can also be recycled at the center.

Finally, an item you may not know can be recycled is your Christmas tree! Keep Smyrna Beautiful hosts Bring One for the Chipper, our annual tree recycling event, which takes place on Saturday, January 7, 2023.

Happy holidays from Keep Smyrna Beautiful!


By: Jharionne Anderson, published 12.12.2022

Jharionne Anderson is the marketing and communications intern at Keep Smyrna Beautiful. She is a senior at Georgia State University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in marketing. In her free time, she loves writing, watching movies, and attending local events, such as Smyrna Food Truck Tuesdays.

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