Volunteer Spotlight: Eric Doss

In his 9 months as a KSB volunteer, Eric Doss brings a joyful, can-do attitude as he pitches in to clean up Smyrna’s streets.

Eric says he enjoys cleanups because it’s a chance to combine his love of being outdoors with his enjoyment of working with others who want to take care of Smyrna. He appreciates that KSB gives individuals the tools they need to maintain their city.

“It is gratifying to contribute to an initiative that is needed, whether the impact is large or small,” he says. “Every piece of trash picked up in the cleanup helps to Keep Smyrna Beautiful!”

Although new to KSB, Eric has lived in Smyrna for more than 25 years. As for what he loves about Smyrna?  He says, “I thoroughly enjoy the people, the variety of stores and businesses, and the well-kept infrastructure and location.”

Eric joined KSB because he says he kept seeing people picking up trash on the side of the road. He knew that he had to do his part. His strong sense of community responsibility carries through in all aspects of his life. By day he works as an operations manager at a local nonprofit food pantry.

If you’d like join Eric as a KSB volunteer, you can start by filling out our online volunteer application. If you’re interested in scheduling an independent group activity, please email Eloise at eholland@smyrnaga.gov.


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