Eco-Friendly Apps

These five free apps will help you take steps to creating a better world for us to live in! Not only will these apps assist you in making greener choices daily, they will also hold you accountable for those choices, such as decreasing water use and your utility bills and reducing your carbon footprint by cutting back on certain types of transportation! Download these apps now to make healthier choices for you as well as our planet. The Earth will thank you!

  1. Dropcountr

This app connects to your utilities, letting you know how much water you are using on a yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily basis. This app encourages the conservation of water and gives tips for a more sustainable life.

  1. GoodGuide

Use this app to scan various products while shopping. GoodGuide will let you know what is all-natural and warns you of potential chemical hazards in your home due to certain cleaning products.

  1. RecycleNation

This app is a search engine to find recycling centers near you at all times. RecycleNation will let you know of hours of operation, as well as the materials accepted at each location. They also offer valuable recycling facts.

  1. Carbon

This app looks at your lifestyle (mostly your transportation) and gives you a carbon score. This app is almost game-like in the sense that they encourage you to keep your score low to better the environment.

  1. Oroeco

This app analyzes your way of life in relation to climate change. It evaluates your home and transportation to inform you about how to make changes for the better. This app not only saves the planet by reducing your carbon footprint, but it also saves you money.


By: Meghan Lindstrom, published 8.20.2019

Meghan interned with Keep Smyrna Beautiful during the summer of 2019. She studies Mass Communication and English at Georgia College, while staying heavily involved in Greek life on campus as a Phi Mu. Meghan tries to keep her community green and clean by staying actively sustainable in her daily life. Her favorite ways to do this are utilizing reusable straws and shopping bags, as well as reusing containers for storage. Follow her in her sustainability journey to learn new tips and tricks on how to make the place we live in flourish once again.

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