5 Green Tips for Dog Owners

Dogs are a girl’s best friend (or anyone’s best friend for that matter)! We all love our furry friends and obviously want what is best them (I know I do! My dog is literally my child!). Here are some tips to make your dog happy as well as create a healthy, happy environment! These tips will keep the environment around us as clean and green as possible, while also spoiling your pooch, giving to dogs and other pets in need, and making your life easier.


Use Biodegradable Bags

When out and about with your four legged friend, make sure you’re carrying biodegradable bags to pick up your dog’s waste. Many believe that any plastic baggie is okay, but biodegradable baggies reduce the amounts of waste that are put in landfills, instead of adding to the waste. Get them in bulk on Amazon for only $15!

Donate Old Supplies

If your dog has supplies that aren’t used anymore, donate them to local shelters, so they can get reused by dogs who need them! This reduces waste in your home and in landfills. If you are a Smyrna local, check in with your shelter to see what supplies they need.

Buy Natural and Organic Dog Foods

Always read labels when picking out food for your dog! Many dog foods contain harmful chemicals and pesticides. These not only can harm your pooch, but they also harm the environment! Buying all natural, organic dog foods ensures safety for all! Rachel Ray’s Nutrish dog food is organic and low in cost!

Buy In Bulk

This goes for pet supplies, and your supplies as well! Buying in bulk is an easy way to create less waste. These products are packaged with less plastic or cardboard than buying multiple smaller products. I find all my bulk products at BJ’s or Costco!

Make Your Own Cleaning Products

Many pet cleaning products contain toxic chemicals that are bad for you, your dog, and the air around you! Make your own cleaning products to clean up after your pets or buy all natural cleaning products.


By: Meghan Lindstrom, published 7/29/2019

Meghan interned with Keep Smyrna Beautiful during the summer of 2019. She studies Mass Communication and English at Georgia College, while staying heavily involved in Greek life on campus as a Phi Mu. Meghan tries to keep her community green and clean by staying actively sustainable in her daily life. Her favorite ways to do this are utilizing reusable straws and shopping bags, as well as reusing containers for storage. Follow her in her sustainability journey to learn new tips and tricks on how to make the place we live in flourish once again.

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