Governor’s Circle Award

Keep Smyrna Beautiful recently received a 2022 Governor’s Circle Award for its outstanding achievements in community beautification and environmental sustainability. The Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation (KGBF) presented the award in recognition of exemplary performance in litter reduction, waste minimization, and community greening

To qualify for the Governor’s Circle Award, affiliates must be certified and in good standing with Keep America Beautiful (KAB), the national nonprofit that oversees state and local programming. Additionally, the affiliate must be an active member of the KGBF network. Certified KAB affiliates are required to effect meaningful, positive, and lasting change by directly addressing community needs in the areas of litter prevention, recycling, waste reduction, and beautification.

“As a network, we strive to make clean, green, and beautiful spaces accessible to everyone,” said Natalie Johnston-Russell, executive director of the Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation. “The recipients of this award have dedicated themselves to making that goal a reality, and we’re thrilled to recognize them for their efforts.”

Keep Smyrna Beautiful is known in the community for annual public events like Document Shredding and Bring One for the Chipper, managing 30+ local Adopt-a-Mile roadways, providing grants and environmental education to schools, promoting the Smyrna Recycling Center, and more.

“For almost 40 years, Keep Smyrna Beautiful has been keeping our city clean, green, and beautiful,” says KSB Executive Director Julie Barwig. “We are so grateful that our work and volunteers are being recognized for their hard work and dedication to the City of Smyrna.”

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