Gardening Tips from Our #VirtualGardenTour

Our annual Garden Tour, normally scheduled in mid-May, is Keep Smyrna Beautiful’s signature event is a self-guided tour highlights five gardens within the city. This year we had to rethink our approach to our garden tour since we were unable to have an in-person event so our #virutalgardentour was born!

We asked gardeners in Smyrna to send us photos of their gardens to share with our community to inspire and educate gardeners of all skill levels. Along with photos, we asked gardeners to share their best tips, which we’ve compiled here for you along with some of our favorite photos.

General Gardening Tips

Using pots and containers

If you have a deck or smaller space try a container garden. They less likely to have weeds, you can easily move the plants to adjust for their sunlight/shade needs, and you can control the soil quality.

Or you can incorporate pots into a more standard garden since they allow you to easily switch things out while adding their own bit of color to your landscape. They can even offer protection from pests.

Try using a tower garden, which is a vertical aeroponic growing system that is excellent for those who want to garden with limited space like in a townhouse or apartment.


Plant for Your Soil Conditions

Figure out your soil type and plant with your soil and conditions rather than trying to change soil or adapt a plant to a place it’s not suited for. However, you can improve your soil by working in a few inches of compost. Mulch those leaves!





Water and Sun Requirements

Check your desired plant’s sun and water requirements. Make sure you are able to meet those requirements before you plant them.

For example, both roses and irises need plenty of sun and to be planted in  well-draining soil.






Some of Our Favorite Photos 

Terraced garden with a variety of potted plants 















Beautiful garden bed








Potted hosta collection 














American wisteria 





Garden featuring yew, Lenten Rose’s, day lilies, gardenia, dogwood tree (foreground) and lamb’s ears, day lilies, roses, day lilies, lavender, lorepetelum, golden junipers, and azaleas in the back.








Tower garden with herbs 








Azaleas and bearded irises
















Garden with azaleas, burford hollies, rhododendrons, hosta, Japanese maples, snowball viburnums, oakleaf hydrangeas, shrub altheas, lady banks roses, camellias and more!









By: Julie Barwig with gardening tips from Smyrna gardeners, published 6.9.2020

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