Litter Index

What is a litter index?

Once a year, we are required by Keep America Beautiful to conduct a survey to gauge the amount of litter in our community.  Trained volunteers conduct a comprehensive assessment of the overall appearance of our community using indicators such as litter, illegal signs, abandoned cars, graffiti and more.

How does it work?

The area covered by the litter index is laid out on a grid. In the City of Smyrna, the areas represent the seven Wards. Volunteers give a 1-4 rating based on metrics from Keep America Beautiful with a rating of:

  • 1 being little to no litter
  • 2 being litter in the amount that can be picked up by one person
  • 3 being litter in the amount that would need a team to clean up
  • 4 being litter that would require a large cleanup effort and/or heavy machinery to remove

The results are compiled into a report that is sent to Keep America Beautiful.

How does the Litter Index benefit The City of Smyrna?

This index allows us to keep a finger on the pulse of our city’s quality of life as measured through these data points, and to plan programs, projects, and educational efforts accordingly.

2023 Litter Index Results for Smyrna

  • Ward 1 Score- 1.1
  • Ward 2 Score- 1.3
  • Ward 3 Score- 1.2
  • Ward 4 Score- 1.1
  • Ward 5 Score- 1.8
  • Ward 6 Score- 1.1
  • Ward 7 Score- 1.9
  • Overall Litter Index Score for Smyrna- 1.3

How can I help?

If you are interested in participating in the litter index, please contact Julie Barwig at or 678.631.5519.

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